WeBuzz.IM (http://webuzz.im/) and Karoo Lark (http://karoolark.com/) are two online free web instant messengers that help you chat with your friends on Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Facebook Chat, AIM, ICQ or Jabber/XMPP. WeBuzz.IM team is dedicating to build web IM services with better security, accessibility and user experience.

To use WeBuzz.IM, all you need is a modern browser, like Firefox 3.0+ (Recommended), Google Chrome 3.0+ (Recommended), IE 6.0+, Opera 9.0+ or Safari 3.1+. You can use WeBuzz.IM anywhere, Windows/Linux PC, Mac, home or office behind firewall.

WeBuzz.IM Tips

For WeBuzz.IM web IM services, you can visit:

  1. http://webuzz.im/ (Primary server, recommended)
  2. http://webuzztogether.com/ (New)
  3. http://izuz.net/
  4. http://uziz.net/
  5. http://java2script.net/
  6. http://java2script.com/
  7. http://java2script.org/
  8. http://kexmail.com/z.html
  9. http://demo.java2script.org/

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